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Experience The Tradition...

Experience the Tradition

Rajputana was the earlier name of the state of Rajasthan. The Rajput rule was established thousands of years ago in the region. The Rajput rule left a strong impression on the culture and traditional life of the people of present Rajasthan. Like the majestic lifestyle of kings, the meals of royalty were also equally majestic. The elaborate meals prepared by the Khansamas (Royal Cooks). In original traditional cuisines, the precise selection of the spices for each dish has been a matter of regional culture. So I bring this knowledge to you through my classes which I have gained from the Khansamas as well as from my mother. We use about 25 spices. Each spice has a unique aroma and flavor.

Cooking has allowed me to express myself in so many ways and to experience so many cultures through the hundreds of amazing people that I have met in my classes.

I believe in the power of food to unite people around the table and in the kitchen.

Cooking World...

At Spice Culture, We put all the emphasis on the traditional cooking style to our recipes. Right from the choice of utensils to the use of spices in all our dishes. We use about 25 spices which are used across our recipes to give each one of them their unique aroma. Now let's have a look at some of the recipes we have to offer:

Khansama's Recipes

Dishes from Rajasthan

My Secret Recipes

Akhani Pulao Non-Vegetarian Dish
with Saunf, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cashewnuts
Laal Maans Non-Vegetarian Dish
Spicy Mutton with Red Chillies
How to prepare? Vegetarian Dish
Badam Shake, Achaar (Pickle),
Yogurt, Paneer, etc.
Chicken Biryani Non-Vegetarian Dish
Saffron, Mint, Butter and other spices
Safed Maans Non-Vegetarian Dish
with Khas Khas, Coconut and Cashewnuts
Green Maans Non-Vegetarian Dish
with Coriander, Mint and Green Chillies
Lemon Chicken Non-Vegetarian Dish
Chicken with Lemon and Black Peppers
(SSHHHhhhhh !!!!!!.....)
Dhundaara Maans Non-Vegetarian Dish
Smoked Mutton
Murgh Masala Non-Vegetarian Dish
Chicken Recipe generally used at home
Kasoori Chicken Non-Vegetarian Dish
Chicken with Kasoori Methi
All types of Daals (Pulses) Vegetarian Dish
Jungli Maans Non-Vegetarian Dish All Green Vegetables Vegetarian Dish
Sartaj (Eggplant) Vegetarian Dish Traditional Dishes Vegetarian Dish
like Besan Gatta, Daal Baati and Dry Vegetables
Royal Paalak Vegetarian Dish Something Sweet Vegetarian Dish
Halwas, Kheer, Laapsi, Laddus and Sewaiya
Bhindi Kurkuri Vegetarian Dish Indian Breads Vegetarian Dish
Chapatis, Parathas (Plain and Stuffed) and Puris

"Thank You for a most wonderful evening of discovery, fun, learning, delicious food and warm heartfelt hospitality. It will be a highlight of our trip to India !! Dhanyavad !!" - Marie Carmen Berlie

"Anu, This was our most delicious meal in India. We learned so much from you. Thank you for welcoming us into your lovely and warm home. Happy Cooking !!" - Jordan Hyatt

"Namaste! Thw whole family has enjoyed the very special cooking lesson you gave to us. But it wasn't only a cooking lesson, it has been a meeting with you Anu in the heart of your house. Thank You for your generosity." - Katy Giot - Bogciatto