If you wish to discover the magic of Rajasthani Cooking,
come into my home kitchen.”

Spice Culture

A casual and fun way to learn tasty, simple and easy recipes.

You are invited to our home to learn how to cook popular Rajasthani cuisine. Rajasthani Cuisine is a splendid array of colorful, spicy and unique dishes. Immerse yourself in the Rajasthani culture. Anuradha, from a Rajput family offers a vast number of authentic Rajasthani dishes. Our kitchen ‘Spice Culture’ is open for you to learn how to prepare these traditional dishes at your own pace. The guests have the opportunity to chop vegetables, stir or to add masalas (spices) to the dishes. Our goal is for you to have fun while learning to cook. The Cooking Class is followed by a sit down meal and a pleasant conversation. They also get an opportunity to interact with the family members. This is not just a meal but a dining experience in a Rajput family. An opportunity to experience Rajasthani hospitality and culture.

So, we welcome you into our humble home and hope that we will be able to impart our knowledge about traditional Rajasthani dishes and Indian Spices.

After the 2-3 hour cooking class, we hope you will feel Spice Culture as your home. We hope it will prove our favorite definition of home – Home is a safe place where one is free. It is a place where people share and understand each other. The people in it may not be perfect instead they need to be honest, loving, supportive and recognizing a common humanity that makes us valuable.

We look forward to meeting you.

Leslie and I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful memorable night. Your family is wonderful. We loved the dinner. However most of all it was just the best meeting you, your husband and your family. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!” – Leslie and Bob, President and CEO, The Grill and Daily Grill

"Dear Anu, Thank You from the bottom of our heart. It was very warm and we felt very welcome. The food was exceptional and we loved the experience. We will go back with a piece of India in our heart and soul." - Julie Bilangee

"We had a fantastic Christmas dinner with you. The Cooking was fun & we learned many recipes to try back @ home. Can't wait to come back. The food was fantastic, your hospitality phenomenal. You've made our Udaipur Experience !! " - Christina, Heejae, Grant, Ross, Michael, Maura, Kevin and Alex